Special road closures and increased Police patrol for holiday shopping season

Special road closures and increased Police patrol for holiday shopping season

The Guyana Police Force has unveiled its 2023 Christmas Policing Plan to tackle crime and reduce accidents and traffic congestion for the holiday season.

According to the Police, the plan is aimed at reassuring citizens and overseas visitors that it’s safe to go about their activities during the upcoming holiday season. This year’s plan will see Georgetown being divided into fifteen sectors with day and night patrols.

The plan will see increased police presence in the streets of Georgetown and other towns across the country, especially around business places where shoppers frequent from November to mid-January 2023.

“There are special arrangements that will be catered for Christmas eve and old years day, where additional ranks will be posted for late shopping and market days will be managed by additional ranks,” the Traffic Chief said.

The Traffic Chief said the police will also be zooming in on speeding and drinking and driving, which will be given special attention.

In some cases, there will be road closures to facilitate shopping and there will also be managed movement of container cargoes during peak hours.

For his part, Assistant Commissioner, Mc Bean said that special arrangements will be put in place to facilitate late shopping on Christmas Eve and Old Year’s day. He said the police will also heighten its focus on noise nuisance during this period.

“Our intention with the Christmas Policing plan is to create that safety environment for business, shoppers, visitors throughout the Christmas season. We will increase all forms of patrols whether on foot, bicycle, motorcycles and our regular patrolling.

Mr. Mc Bean said there will also be continued collaboration with the City Constabulary, in addition to CCTV at major points.

The major focus of the plan is to reduce congestion, ensure structured parking and reduce criminal activities during the Christmas season.

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