Granger tells Disciplined Forces that PPP has them under resourced, under funded and under equipped

Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC Coalition, retired Brigadier David Granger, is urging members of the Disciplined Forces to support his party when they head to the polls on Saturday, May 2. Members of the Disciplined Forces usually vote one week before the rest of the country. There are just over 7,000 eligible voters in the […]

APNU+AFC launches “People’s Manifesto” at Stabroek Square with emphasis on fighting poverty and tackling corrip

One week after sections of its draft manifesto was leaked, the APNU+AFC coalition on Thursday officially launched the complete document at the Stabroek Market Square, declaring the manifesto a people’s document. The coalition used the backdrop of the Stabroek Market during afternoon rush hour as its way of showing that the manifesto is connected to the […]

Contesting parties sign Elections Code of Conduct; Granger questions PPP’s sincerity

With just thirteen days to go before Elections Day, contesting political parties have come together in a historic move and have signed the elections code of conduct, which is expected to guide campaigns and political leaders along moral high grounds for the rest of the campaign. Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission – GECOM – Dr. […]

Ramotar fires his “Bheri Best” Health Minister over Slap and Strip threats

Under mounting pressure from the international community and several local organisations, President Donald Ramotar on Wednesday fired his Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsarran over his slap and strip threats against a female rights activist, which was all caught on tape. The Office of the President announced the firing in a short three paragraph statement on […]

Bar Association, Women Lawyers and Justice Institute call on President to fire Bheri

There continues to be more calls on President Donald Ramotar to fire his Minister of Health Dr. Bheri Ramsarran following the “slap and strip” threats the Minister made against a female activist. The Guyana Bar Association, the Association of Women Lawyers and Justice Institute Guyana have joined forces and have issued a call on President […]

Bheri’s continued presence as Health Minister demonstrates government’s lack of accountability -GHRA

The Guyana Human Rights Association has blasted Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsarran for his “slap and strip” threats against women’s rights activist Sherlina Nageer. And the Human Rights body believes that the continued presence of Dr. Bheri Ramsaran as Minister of Health and candidate on the PPP/C electoral list “is the direct result of the […]