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Suspect in sex workers double murder commits suicide

The main suspect in the murder of two gay men who were sex workers, died on Sunday morning at the Georgetown Hospital after confessing to the murders and setting himself ablaze, even as doctors battled to save his life.

The bodies of the two sex workers who have been identified as Jason John Samuels and  Carl Sinclair, were found sprawled on Leopold Street and Lombard Street just after 12 midnight on Sunday morning.

The dead man who reportedly admitted to the murders has been identified as 31-year-old Samuel Bristol of Nabacalis, East Coast Demerara. Paramedics were called to the Regent Street area close to City Hall just before Sunrise on Sunday after receiving calls that a man had just set himself ablaze. When the ambulance rushed to the scene, the man was still alive but was badly burnt to over 80% of his body.

Medical sources said from all appearances, the man doused himself with gasoline then set himself ablaze. Reports are that while he was being rushed to the emergency room, he pleaded with nurses to allow him to die.

He was pronounced dead just before 8 o’ clock, as scores of sex workers gathered at the Georgetown Hospital. Some of them burst into the singing of hymns as the body was being taken to the morgue.

 Among those who hurried across to the Hospital, was gay sex worker “Thin Slice” who was asked by Police to identify the body. “Thin Slice” told News Source that he shared a relationship with Bristol for over five years but the relationship became abusive and he decided to step away from it and begin prostitution.

“He was always threatening me and came out there last night threatening me and the other girls. He even came with gasolene to throw on one of the girls who was arguing with him and he threatened a set of us and when we began to chase him, he ran out to the Regent Street area and was rescued by a security vehicle that was driving by.”

According to “Thin Slice”, it was less than three hours later that the bloodied bodies of the two sex workers who were among the group that chased after the man, were found.  Both bodies bore multiple stab wounds to the body and the other sex workers appear convinced that the man was responsible for both deaths since he threatened to kill the same two sex workers and others as he ran from the earlier scene of the confrontation.

At the Georgetown Hospital, some of the sex workers decried the level of violence being thrown at the gay community in Guyana and some of them sought to throw blame at the feet of those government officials who have been making “radical statements” about persons belonging to the gay community.

The double murder has sent shock waves throughout the country and appears to have reignited the debate in Guyana about gay rights in the country and how members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community are treated.

In the past year, there has been an upsurge of violent attacks on gay sex workers while they are on the night shift. Just over two months ago, a passing car opened gunfire on some of the sex workers. And there have also been cases of some of them being lured to dark corners where they would be attacked and beaten.

Meanwhile, the stabbing murder of the two sex workers has brought back memories of the stabbing death of another young man who belonged to the gay community. His body was also found in the Leopold Street area and the investigations into that incident and many other cases of violence against the LGBT community are ongoing.



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15 Comments to “Suspect in sex workers double murder commits suicide”

  1. One gay man kills another two gay men and SOMEHOW the government gets blamed!!!!! how (HOW???) exactly is gay rights suppose to stop gay people from killing each other????? i have never seen such nonsensical a defense for gay rights as this one (and that's saying something because they're stupid even at the best of times)… but im confused is this a call for gay rights or sex workers rights?? because if being gay is legal and prostitution is still illegal then that doesnt help them…

  2. The author of this article has an 'homosexual agenda'. There is no shock-wave going through Guyana, in fact this delema has is damaging for the Homosexual movemet

  3. I am s strongly
    against the gay movement,too much sin in the world. God is judging them.

  4. Marcus Day says:

    Thank you for a well balanced non sensational reporting. Violence perpetrated on trans women far outweigh violence against other groups. Laws are need to ensure that all persons are accorded their human rights and treated with respect and equality before the law. I would like to see the police records to see if this man had complaints against him for domestic violence. This is a very tragic affair and make no mistake, this is gender based domestic violence and the general community should be as outraged about this horrific crime as if it had been natal women in a hetro-domestic arrangement. The other major issue here is that individual who committed this crime appears to have suffered from a mental health issue that was unrecognized. Murder / suicide from despair is not unheard of. May the souls of these 3 persons rest in peace and my sympathy to the families of all 3.

  5. i said the same ting what shock wave he talkin abt smh.

  6. Candacy Deane says:

    Bun they ass out… they too nasty n dutty. Is their needs tellin on them now.

  7. Ye with out sin cast the first stone. these people come from MAN and WOMEN they r they 1s that make them. the SIN of the father falls from the head to the shoulder.. dont judge or u will b judge.

  8. Vicky Sawyer says:

    God is judging no one its ignorance of other people that judging the LGBT community. Here lets try this The god of your bible says slavery is good. Your bible also stated that if a man rapes a young girl she has to marry him and she can never divorce him. So he can rape her the rest of her life.

  9. Henry Gillis says:

    how hypocrtical is this world they use the bible to condemme people to swear in goverment to marrid people same book them useing says homosexuality in an abomination an the talking bout rights i can see the porpose for bacterior but i dont see porpose for dem,an wa kind shoch wave he talking bout big up my sexy ladies bun batty man

  10. Anndis Fraser says:

    Fix It Jesus. R.I.P All

  11. Henry Gillis says:

    Vicky Sawyer heres a quote for u he who lyes with mand kind as he would lye with woman kind shall be put to death

  12. Henry Gillis says:

    hotta fyah bun dem out mo fire

  13. Vicky Sawyer says:

    Henry Gillis You cant live by the bible with which you judge others. Do you believe in slavery as well Exodus 21:20-21English Standard Version (ESV)

    20 “When a man strikes his slave, male or female, with a rod and the slave dies under his hand, he shall be avenged. 21 But if the slave survives a day or two, he is not to be avenged, for the slave is his money.

  14. Judah Benjamin says:

    Foolish and Ignorant waste of LIFE…when will we every learn!!!!!!

  15. Judah Benjamin says:

    Foolish and Ignorant waste of LIFE…when will we every learn!!!!!!

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