Catholics want resumption of Parliamentary democracy

The Catholic Diocese in Guyana has broken its silence and is calling for the earliest resumption of parliamentary democracy in wake of President Ramotar’s decision to prorogue the Parliament. In a statement to the media, Bishop Francis Alleyne said the prorogation or suspension of Parliament on Monday November “puts Guyana into uncharted territory” He issued […]

Johnny goes berserk as CJ continues injunction against him

The young man, Johnny Welshman, who has made sex abuse allegations against the Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman, stormed out of the Chambers of the Chief Justice on Tuesday afternoon after being informed that the Chief Justice was going to keep in place an injunction which prevents him from making further sex abuse […]

OAS disappointed in Ramotar Prorogation of Parliament

The Organisation of American States is the first international group to express its views on the decision of Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar to prorogue the Guyana Parliament in face of a no confidence motion against his administration. In a statement from its Washington Headquarters, the OAS noted that its Secretary General, Jose Miguel Insulza, has taken note […]

Dynamic Airlines gets full approval for Guyana return

Dynamic Airways has been given the all clear from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority for its return to the Guyana market. The GCAA was waiting on all the documents showing the approvals the airline got from the US Authorities and the body is now convinced that the carrier is ready to return to the Guyana […]

Ministry of Finance announces increased taxes on gas and diesel

Just as gas prices are reducing on the international market, Guyanese motorists will not be able to benefit from the low world prices as the government has decided to increase the taxes on fuel imports. The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Finance has informed the Guyana Revenue Authority of the Cabinet’s decision to […]

President’s Prorogation is “most undemocratic” -Speaker Trotman

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman has lambasted the President over his decision to prorogue the Parliament, thereby suspending the current session of the National Assembly and bringing a halt to all Bills and Motions currently before the House. Addressing a meeting with the Opposition Members of Parliament in the Parliamentary Chambers, Speaker Trotman […]

79-year-old tied up in house and murdered

The Guyana Police Force is investigating the brutal murder of a 79-year-old, West Bank Demerara man who was found tied up and gagged in his Pouderoyen home. The dead man has been identified as Claude Class of Samaroo Dam, Pouderoyen. His lifeless body was found early on Monday morning. According to a preliminary police report, […]

Address to the Nation by President Donald Ramotar

Address to the Nation By His Excellency Donald Ramotar, President of the Republic of Guyana November 10, 2014 Fellow Guyanese, in my address to you on November 4, I indicated our desire for the National Assembly, in its post-recess sittings, to deliberate and give priority to important matters relating to the development of our country and the future […]

National Assembly receives Prorogue Proclamation and Gazette

The Speaker and the Clerk of the National Assembly were on Monday afternoon provided with the Official Gazette showing the Presidential Proclamation to Prorogue the Parliament. Earlier on Monday morning, the Speaker and the Clerk both received the Proclamation and sought legal advice on what it means and how they would proceed had it not […]

President Prorogues Parliament

President Donald Ramotar on Monday morning kept true to a threat and has prorogued the Parliament of Guyana. By doing so, the current session of the National Assembly has come to an end and all of the Bills and Motions before the House have been killed. News Source understands that the President made his decision […]