Budget Day is Monday, March 24

Budget Day is Monday, March 24

Guyana’s Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh has announced that he will present the 2014 National Budget on Monday, March 24 in the National Assembly.

In a statement the Ministry of Finance said “it is expected that this year’s budget will continue to promote the PPP/C’s commitment to accelerate economic growth and social development. It will emphasize macroeconomic stability through the continued creation of investment opportunities, expanding and upgrading physical infrastructure, improving the quality of social services, and strengthening institutional and regulatory environments.”

According to the Finance Ministry, Guyana’s strong economic performance of recent years has been the “direct result of the responsible policy stance adopted, and the prudent and responsible choices exercised and decisions made over the years by the PPP/C government”.

It said over the past eight years, Guyana has experienced an unprecedented period of uninterrupted growth, standing out in its economic performance despite the crises that have enveloped economies in the Caribbean and beyond over those same years.

“Despite the stalemate that has largely consumed the National Assembly within the last three years, Budget 2014 presents another opportunity for all parties to work together in the interest of the people of Guyana”, the statement added.

The Ministry said the compilation of the budget which began in June 2013, follows a number of stakeholder meetings which saw participation from the private sector, labor unions and other interest groups.

“The APNU and the AFC, they opted to boycott the consultations”, the Ministry said. However, the Opposition parties have complained that their recommendations are never taken onboard and there is a need for more meaninful consultation when it comes to the budget especially since the Opposition holds the majority in Parliament and represents the majority of Guyanese people.

This year’s budget presentation will be the eighth by Minister Singh, having first presented in 2007 following his appointment as Finance Minister in September 2006.


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