COVID Deaths now 409

COVID Deaths now 409

The country’s Coronavirus death toll has now reached 409. The latest statement released by the Ministry of Health reported on the deaths of 4 more persons. There were 48 new cases reported yesterday.

The number of active cases in the country stands at 1,862 with more than 1700 of those persons in home isolation.

There have been calls for the Government to rethink its home isolation position since there is not enough monitoring of those positive cases allowed to recover at home.  The Ministry of Health has received reports of positive cases leaving their home to go shopping and in some instances returning to work. 

One former minister of health has called for more quarantine centers to be introduced across the country and have all persons tested positive quarantined until their recovery.

Meanwhile, the vaccination rate continues to climb with more than 210,000 persons receiving the first dose of one of the coronavirus vaccines.

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