Durban St. Man succumbs to gunshot wound

Durban St. Man succumbs to gunshot wound

The 39-year-old man, Shawn Nelson who was shot to the head on Orange Walk on Sunday morning has died. Relatives were contacted by the Georgetown Hospital early on Monday morning with the grim news.

Doctors had already told relatives that the chances of the Durban Street resident surviving the gunshot wound were very slim. He was shot at point-blank range to the left side of his head and it is believed the bullet exited the right side. Family members said the Doctors explained to them that bullet fragments were scattered all over the man’s brain and he could not survive the injury.

Nelson’s reputed wife and relatives say they remain in shock over the entire incident. The man had just left his Durban Street home and was walking to his Robb Street job when a local cricketer known to him saw him, whipped out a gun to “bluff” him and apparently was unaware that the gun was loaded. The gun went off and Nelson was shot to his head. He collapsed on the roadside and the cricketer jumped in his car and sped away from the scene leaving the bleeding Nelson behind. A passer-by who works at the Georgetown Hospital summoned the ambulance which rushed the man to the emergency room.

The young cricketer at the centre of the shooting has since been identified as Carlyle Barton who played for the Demerara Cricket Club. He had apparently been partying all night and was on his way home when he saw his “friend” and decided to whip out the gun on him. After driving away from the scene, the young man crashed his car a number of times as he panicked his way home.

The car was abandoned in the East Ruimveldt area. The Monday edition of the Kaieteur News featured a photograph of the shooting grabbed from a surveillance camera in the area.

On Sunday afternoon, after details about the shooting and the identity of the assailant were made public, Carlyle Barton surrendered to police investigators. He was questioned about the incident before being thrown in the lock ups. He could face murder or manslaughter charges before the end of the week.

A number of persons who were in the area at the time of the incident have been speaking to investigators. The probe continues.

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