Fire guts Beepat’s storage bond on East Coast

Fire guts Beepat’s storage bond on East Coast

A mid morning fire ripped through a storage bond owned by the Beepat Company at Ogle on the East Coast of Demerara on Friday.

Several fire engines had to be rushed to the scene as the blaze which could have been seen from over a mile away engulfed the storage facility. A nearby house was also gutted by the fire.

Persons noticed heavy smoke bursting out of the multi storey building just after 10 o’ clock on Friday morning and the Fire service was summoned. Fire men quickly got into action as they requested additional back up. Their best efforts could do very little to contain the blaze.

The building served as a storage facility for several imported products for the Beepat’s store, including insecticides and air fresheners.

Aided by strong winds coming over the Atlantic Ocean, the fire quickly engulfed the building and threatened a number of builds in the area.

It’s unclear what may have caused the Friday morning blaze. Persons in the area have said the smoke was first seen in the top storey of the building. ┬áDetails continue to emerge from the East Coast area.

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