GECOM concerned about persons posing as its workers in Region 1

GECOM concerned about persons posing as its workers in Region 1

The Guyana Elections Commission has distanced itself from some persons who are posing as GECOM workers in the Region 1 area and who have been going around to residents with the Registration Lists and claiming that they represent the Elections Commission.

Gecom has launched an investigation into the matter and has said it has no such initiative in the area and none of its staff members are involved in such a programme.

According to a statement from the Elections Commission, investigations so far have revealed that the persons involved in the activity are alleged “Community Support Officers” in Mabaruma and Port Kaituma.

 The Elections Commission said its probe also found that the persons have been walking around with a letter they claim was written by the Regional Executive Officer of the Region giving them permission to engage in the activity.

The People’s National Congress Reform has also raised concern about the issue and has said its foundation has found that the persons are doing campaign work on behalf of the People’s Progressive Party and are actually members of the Progressive Youth Organisation.

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