Group pickets PNCR Headquarters demanding date be set for party congress

Group pickets PNCR Headquarters demanding date be set for party congress

Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Aubrey Norton appeared unfazed by a small group of persons who picketed his party’s headquarters, demanding that a date be set for the party’s Biennial Delegates Congress.

Armed with placards, the group demanded that the Party Congress be held no later than April.

One placard read “The PNCR is bigger than Norton. Time for us to have Congress no later than April.”

But inside of Congress Place, the PNCR Leader told News Source that it was long decided by the General Council that Congress will be held no later than August 31, and that’s final. 

“We are not worried about that, the membership of this party decided when congress will be held and congress will be held based on that decision. All across the country, group members are aware that congress is coming and they are preparing for congress,” Norton said. 

However, he offered no specifics. And, when pressed for greater details, the PNCR Leader said when the time comes, members will be informed about the date for the Congress.

“As a party, we have had a tradition, at least a month or two before the Congress, we first name all the persons to head committees and then we announce when the congress will be held. And when that time would have arrived, we will announce to the public that this is the date for congress, and congress will be held,” he said. 

The PNCR Leader accused the protesting group of colluding with the governing People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) to distract the nation from the ongoing strike by teachers, who are demanding better pay. 

“But I think, one of the things they set out to do today, at least the PPP’s interest in its collaboration is to take away focus from the teachers’ strike. Distraction. They first tried to say the strike was political. We were very clear, as leader of this party, I made it very clear that this cost of living is affecting people across race and that, it is not within our interest to politicize anything,” Norton said. 

The PNC’s constitution mandates that the Biennial Delegates Congress be held every two years. The last delegates congress was held on December 18, 2021. 

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