Venezuela recommits to UN Good Officer

Venezuela recommits to UN Good Officer

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela on Saturday announced his country’s commitment to ratify and foster relations that serve for peace and development.

Speaking during a press briefing on his one-day state visit to Guyana, the Venezuelan President stated that, “we are ready to continue working despite the legacy of the border dispute and are ready to continue working towards the good offices process of the United Nations and Professor Norman Girvan.”

In April 2010, Professor Norman Girvan was appointed by the United Nations (UN) as the Special Representative in the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy. Girvan replaced Oliver Jackman who died in 2007.

Venezuela has noted, in particular, that greater impetus was given to the United Nations Good Offices Process since the appointment of Professor Girvan and recommitted that the search for a peaceful and practical settlement of the issue in accordance with the Geneva Agreement of 1966, was one that should be pursued under the Process. In this regard, they agreed to pursue with the United Nations Secretary General the reappointment of Professor Girvan for a further term.

President Maduro said former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had continually denounced the creation of war between the two countries before the disclosure of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) classified documents which proved him true. He said the policy of war and racism was the instrument used by the Venezuelan oligarchy in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. This led President Chavez to devise a new policy which created a new state that paved the way for brotherhood between the two countries.

“Therefore during this first state visit, I come in peace to all Latin American countries to tell them, that I hereby ratify the policy of brotherhood fostered by Hugo Chavez to continue now and forever,” President Maduro declared. (GINA)

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