Guyana to receive British and Canadian support to boost port security

Guyana to receive British and Canadian support to boost port security

The Guyana Government is seeking to increase security at the country’s various ports of entry, according to President Ali.

Speaking at the Private Sector Commission’s Corporate dinner earlier this week, the President said Guyana has already entered into agreements with the United Kingdom and Canada to boost the country’s port security. 

There will be an increase use of technology at ports of entry, which the Government believes would be necessary to improve investor confidence in the system and to also reduce time.

“We have to improve the trust people has in our port system in Guyana and those who are managing ports would have to understand that the ports would now come under a national security architecture so that everything that occur on the ports can be accounted for,” the President stated.

The President said the planned increase in security at the ports of entry, forms part of the government’s push to build out the country security architecture by increasing the use of technology.

He said the country’s port of entry will fall under a national body so that there can be some form of accountability. 

“We are looking at the placement of modern scanners, that will be at all the port. These scanners would be there at all the ports to create efficiency so we don’t have a person going into every barrel anymore. Everything will go through the scanners and that investment has already been committed to,” the President noted.

Additionally, the President said that the government is working to ensure that the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone is completely secured. Discussions are ongoing with a number of countries to lend support to Guyana in the area of port security.

“We have negotiations going on now with the French to have a mother ship established in our EEZ, that is a high cost, but it is a cost we have to incur now. From our estimation, we are losing hundred of million of dollars in illegal fishing within our EEZ, because boats coming into our EEZ,” The President noted. 

The President said the country’s Security Forces are hard at work, while formulating plans to deal with the eventualities of any sophisticated kind of crime given the developments taking place in the country.

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