Man busted delivering marijuana in bowl of soup at Camp Street jail

Man busted delivering marijuana in bowl of soup at Camp Street jail

The Police arrested a Coldigen, East Coast Demerara man on New Year’s Day after he attempted to smuggle several packets of marijuana into the Camp Street jail. The packets of marijuana were stashed in a bowl of soup.

Police identified the alleged drug smuggler as Pradesh Balkishun. According to the Prison Service, he was at the Prison on Monday midday to drop off personal items and food for prisoner, Kapil Gangaden, who is currently being housed at the prison.

The Prison Officers said while the food was being examined, several packets of marijuana leaves, stems and seeds were found hidden in a number of pieces of dumpling in the large bowl of soup.

The suspect was immediately arrested as the Police were contacted. He is now facing drug trafficking charges.

The attempt again at drug smuggling at the Prison has once again prompted the Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot, to emphasise that smuggling contraband into a correctional facility is a felony that has serious consequences.

He called on both prison officers and civilians to recognise the dangers at which they place themselves, society, and inmates, by engaging in the trade of contraband within the penitentiary’s walls.

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