Man from Guyana busted with cocaine in curry and rice at JFK

Man from Guyana busted with cocaine in curry and rice at JFK

Drug pushers in Guyana continue with their efforts to get the cocaine out. While they may be successful at times getting the cocaine pass the Cheddi Jagan Airport, law enforcement officers at New York’s JFK Airport are paying extra close attention to flights from Guyana and they have been yielding successes in their drug fight.

The latest traveller from Guyana to be busted with cocaine on his arrival in New York is Oral Caines. He arrived at the JFK Airport on Wednesday, 17th December, 2014 on a Caribbean Airlines flight and pulled aside for inspection.

According to court documents seen by News Source, Caines claimed ownership of three bags on his arrival. Two checked in pieces and a duffel bag. During a search of one of the bags, the agents found a container of curry powder and under the curry powder, they discovered packets of a white powdery substance.

The man was taken to a private room where his other bags were inspected. In those bags, the agents found more curry powder containers and packets of rice. Cocaine was discovered in small packets in all of the containers. The total weight of the cocaine in the curry powder and rice packets was 41 pounds. The man was arrested and charged for drug trafficking.

In the past 4 weeks, at least five passengers from Guyana were busted with cocaine at the JFK Airport. They are all facing drug trafficking charges. No one in Guyana has been charged in connection with any of the busts.

Filed: 19th December, 2014



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