One year later, Biker’s alleged killer still riding free as DPP still pursues case

One year later, Biker’s alleged killer still riding free as DPP still pursues case

Wednesday September 3, 2014 marked one year since well-known biker, Kirk Davis was gunned down outside his Eccles home and his relatives and close friends believe the local judicial system continues to cheat them out of justice.

Another biker and businessman, Randy Jagdeo was charged with Davis’ murder was eventually set free by the Magistrates’ court after all the key witnesses in the case failed to turn up in court. Jagdeo had been on the run following the shooting death of Davis who was also his friend. It took Jagdeo over a month to turn himself over to Police.

By the time he turned himself in, one of the key witnesses in the case had left the country while the police investigators were having problems tracking down the other.  kirk-davis

When the court set Jagdeo free because of the absence of the witnesses, the Water Street businessman hopped on a CBR motorcycle and sped out of the Court’s compound. That scene was captured by court reporters and triggered a national outcry for justice.

The Director of Public Prosecutions eventually announced that efforts were being made to reopen the case and reinstitute the charges against Jagdeo.

When contacted on Wednesday, the Communications Officer for Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions told News Source that the DPP after going through the depositions that were provided in the matter, asked the Guyana Police Force to locate the key witness and have that witness provide a full statement. The DPP’s office is adamant that the file was sent back to the Police Force but a response is still to come on the developments in the matter.

The Police Force has so far failed in its efforts to locate that witness and that has resulted in the matter finding itself at a standstill.

The key witness is believed to be a young man who was friends with the murdered biker and who was at his home at the time of the incident. In a recorded interview with journalists, the witness identified Randy Jagdeo as the person who he saw pulling up in front of Davis’ house and the person he saw shoot the young biker dead during an argument over Jagdeo’s wife.

Jagdeo had accused Davis of having a secret relationship with his wife of three years at the time and wanted to confront them both about the secret love affair.

30827_421127800140_278591_nThe witness said Davis went into the car after telling him that he wanted to deal with the issue with Jagdeo and moments later he heard a loud argument coming from the car.

He said as he peaked from behind a wall at the Eccles house, gunshots rang out just after a woman’s voice was heard from the same car screaming “Randy don’t do it”.

That voice is believed to have been the voice of Jagdeo’s wife who was reportedly also shot during the confrontation.

Davis was shot 16 times to his body. Investigators believe he was first shot in the back of the car and as he tried to run away, he was shot multiple times to his upper body as he laid on the parapet in front of his house.

The woman who was at the centre of the dispute and who was reportedly shot was taken to a city hospital and left the country just after being discharged as Jagdeo went on the run for more than three weeks.

It is believed that she is now back in Guyana and still in the troubled marriage. It’s unclear whether the Police Force has been making new efforts to question her about the incident.

The young man who was the key witness in the case became a no-show in court as the preliminary inquiry got underway. His no-show was ultimately used to throw out the matter.

After Jagdeo was freed of the murder charge because of the absent witnesses, he went on a Facebook rant to declare his innocence.

He has been keeping a relatively low profile ever since the incident. Some of his own biker buddies remain deeply troubled by the outcome of the case and have indicated that they hope justice will one day be served in the matter.

The Guyana Police Force has indicated that it is continuing with its efforts to locate the witness who has been missing in action for almost a year. The probe continues.

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