Private Sector urges Ramotar to get Bheri to resign

The Private Sector Commission(PSC) on Friday weighed in on Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran’s recent ‘slap and strip’ verbal assault of a female activist and said the President and other government officials mere condemnation was not enough as the Commission urged President Donald Ramotar to take action which could include asking for his resignation. During an […]

Bheri’s verbal attacks “outright disrespectful and improper” – President Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar has broken his silence on the verbal attacks by his Minister of Health on women’s rights activist, Sherlina Nageer. In a statement issued on Friday, the President said the Minister’s statements were disrespectful and improper and falls short of expectations. “The statements and behaviour of the Minister do not reflect the high-standards […]

U.S concerned about “far too much discussion” about violence and ethnic problems on campaign trail

Guyana’s upcoming national elections is gaining keen interest internationally. Some observer missions are already in place but there continues to be worry about the incidents of racially charged and violent prone language being used on the campaign trail. The United States government has expressed “extreme concern” about the problem and the local embassy intends to […]

APNU+AFC promises 20% increase for all law enforcement officers, better salaries for teachers and public servants and improved security

An early draft of the APNU+AFC manifesto was leaked on Thursday evening showcasing the coalition’s vision for unity, stability and development with highlights that include a 20 percent salary increase for all law enforcement officers within the coalition’s first year in office. The colourful and detailed 44 pages document also boasts of the creation of thousands of […]

U.S Embassy slams Health Minister’s “distasteful” and “downright irresponsible” comments against female activist

Guyana’s Minister of Health Dr. Bheri Ramsarran continues to come under fire for his verbal assault on women’s rights activist Sherlina Nageer and now the U.S Embassy in Georgetown has described the comments as “distasteful” and as a threat of “sexual violence”. In an interview with News Source at the U.S Embassy, Chargé d’ Affaires Bryan […]

Businessmen pressure President on unfair deals and tax reforms

Members of the local business community on Wednesday pressured President Donald Ramotar on several issues they claim are unfair and depressing to the overall business environment in Guyana. Many of them placed their demands on the table which included a review of the incentives offered to foreign companies and the taxation policy of the incumbent PPP […]