Granger not budging from his Local Government Ultimatum

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has solidified its calls for local government elections and Leader of the Opposition David Granger said that the position of his September 9th letter to President Donald Ramotar still stands. Granger has given President Ramotar until Monday September 15 to announce a date for local  government elections which have […]

Surendra denies ever issuing “fraud” document to Guyana Government

The Surendra Engineering Corporation Limited has denied any  fraud and financial irregularities with regard to its contract with the Government of Guyana for the construction of the Specialty Hospital. The company on Thursday afternoon broke its silence over the decision by the Government of Guyana to scrap the hospital construction contract, describing the allegations put […]

No Change in APNU’s support for No Confidence motion

The main opposition group, A Partnership for National Unity has reiterated its support for the “No Confidence” motion against the People’s Progressive Party Civic administration. The motion has been put forward by the Alliance For Change. In a Wednesday afternoon statement, the APNU said that “it has committed itself to supporting the ‘No Confidence’ motion against the […]

Government describes Surendra’s actions as criminal, over $800M lost

The Government of Guyana through its Chief Spokesman Dr. Roger Luncheon on Wednesday described the actions by the Indian Construction Firm, Surendra Engineering as a “criminal act”. The Donald Ramotar Administration has been forced to sever all ties with the Surendra Company for the construction of the Speciality Hospital after it confirmed that financial documents […]

Luncheon puts retirement on hold in wake of no confidence vote

The Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon was getting ready to hang up his political coat and head into retirement at the end of the year, but the move by the Opposition to table and pass a no confidence motion in the government has forced Luncheon to put […]

Government cancels Speciality Hospital contract over fraud concerns

The Government of Guyana on Tuesday announced moves to scrap the contract it entered into with the Surendra Engineering Company of India for the construction of the Specialty Hospital while expressing its deep concerns about the company’s execution of the contract for the design and construction of the Hospital. The move by the government is as […]

Umana Yana destroyed by Fire

One of Guyana’s most famous landmarks and heritage sites, the Umana Yana was completely gutted by fire on Tuesday afternoon and fire investigators believe the cause may be electrical in origin. The Guyana Fire Service received emergency calls just around 3:29pm after persons noticed the fire ripping across the roof of the structure. The Fire […]