Ramjattan urges Sean Hinds to turn himself in, but makes it clear that nothing will be offered

The Public Security Minister wants self confessed death squad member, Sean Hinds to turn himself over to police for questioning but declares nothing is in it for him.

Ramjattan urges Sean Hinds to turn himself in, but makes it clear that nothing will be offered

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan has made a personal appeal for self confessed Death Squad member and former murder accused Sean Hinds to come out of hiding and submit himself to the police where he can be thoroughly interviewed on recent revelations he made during a television interview.

The Minister believes that this will be helpful if the police were to probe the allegations made by Hinds, where he can be recorded officially at the police headquarters.

But even as Ramjattan made the appeal, he is insisting that no one, who is involved in criminality, will be given a “free lunch” in Guyana. Not even Sean Hinds who many believe may be helpful in helping the police to crack major cases that have gone cold.

“We would like to see him give an official statement and be interviewed thoroughly by the police about everything he knows. It is not the best to just give a police interview, it is also important to give a police interview,” he added.

Over the past few days, Sean Hinds has been appearing on the evening newscasts distancing himself from the murder of political activist Courtney Crum-Ewing, while admitting that he was a member of the death squad which is believed to be responsible for the gunning down of a number of criminal suspects during the crime wave of 2002/2003.

To this end, Ramjattan does not believe there should be any special arrangements for Hinds who is also to have been directly  involved in the crime spree and murder wave that sweep the country after the 2002 jail break.

“What’s got to be in it for him? So if he murdered we must allow him to get off with that. Look we are a very serious administration and we are going to take care of all those who did what wrongs they did in an earlier period,” Ramjattan reasoned.

He said discretion must be used to get as much information as possible from Hinds but explained that the state will not grant amnesty before he gives the police an official statement.

“If he wants to confess to his involvement and what he knows let him come and that will be decided later.”

The Security Minister admitted that there was a role for plea bargaining in this matter but said it is a determination that the Director of Public Prosecution would have to make.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum had confirmed that Sean Hinds was wanted by the Police for investigations into a “serious offense”.

It was later revealed that Hinds was allegedly spotted carrying out surveillance of the private residence of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.

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