Root causes of trafficking in persons must be addressed -Home Affairs Minister

Root causes of trafficking in persons must be addressed -Home Affairs Minister

Guyana joined the rest of the world on Sunday in observing World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

In a statement, Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, said the Government remains committed to the fight against trafficking in persons and the continued efforts to dismantle networks and prosecute perpetrators who commit the heinous act, while ensuring justice is served.

According to the Home Affairs Minister, the government will also continue to offer its support to victims and survivors through various support systems.

He said victims must be offered support and help to rebuild their lives with compassion and empathy.

It was noted that while the Home Affairs Ministry and the Police with their partnering agencies will remain vigilant of the evolving patterns of traffickers and their use of online platforms to recruit persons, and the links of trafficking to money laundering and drug trafficking, there is need to holistically address the root causes of trafficking in persons, migrant smuggling, vulnerability and inequality at the regional and international levels.

“The Government of Guyana will continue to strengthen its educational campaigns, enforcement and monitoring efforts, implement policies that protect human rights and urge the general populace to report any suspicious activities in their communities to our 24hrs hotline (623-5030- English) or (624-0079- Spanish) or the nearest police station”, the statement said.

The Home Affairs Minister reminded that everyone has a role to play in the fight against trafficking in persons, and the entire nation must take a stand against exploitation, and stand in solidarity with the survivors.

n its latest report on Trafficking in Persons, the US State Department has indicated that Guyana has met the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking in persons. However, the report also noted that there is significant room for improvement.

The report has listed 12 prioritized recommendations that Guyana should take on board to aid in the fight against trafficking in persons.

Among them is the need for increased prosecutions and convictions in sex and labour trafficking cases.

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