Three suspects arrested in ATM Card fraud probe

Three suspects arrested in ATM Card fraud probe

An elaborate scheme that saw the breaching of local accounts through American and blank ATM cards has been uncovered by the Police, and three persons have been arrested following a late night sting operation.

The Police on Sunday announced the arrest of 37-year-old Bhojnarine Gopaul of Coldigen, 26-year-old Tulsie Ramprashad of Parika and 37-year-old Akashmati Ramnarine of Coldigen.

The three were followed by the Police and placed under surveillance after investigators received reports that the three were targeting various ATM machines at commercial banks and withdrawing money from accounts.

On Saturday night, the three alleged fraudsters were first noticed at the Citizens Bank ATM machine at the Giftland Mall, they were then followed to another Citizens Bank ATM at the OMG Restaurant on Sheriff Street. At both ATM locations, they spent less than one minute at the machine.

Just after the three re-entered their car, they were intercepted by detectives and arrested on suspicion of ATM fraud. The Police said a Bank of America visa debit card, a NY State Medicaid Recipient Card and two blank atm cards were found in their possession.

They remain in Police custody as the investigations are continuing.

Last weekend, at least one local commercial bank received a number of reports of customers noticing withdrawals from their accounts in Parika, triggering the Police invesigation.

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