Two miners missing in Cuyuni river boat mishap

Two miners missing in Cuyuni river boat mishap

Two miners from Region Seven have gone missing after a reported river mishap that took place on Tuesday night close to the Kurutuku Village in the Upper Cuyuni river.

The Police have identified the two missing men as 44-year-old Kevin Muesa of Pomeroon and another man who is known only as “Alvin”.

A Police investigation has so far revealed that Kevin Musa and six of his co-workers including ‘Alvin’, were consuming alcohol at Kurutuku Village when they stopped a metal boat that was captained by Raul Jarvis, requested a drop to their mining camp located about twenty minutes from Kurutuku Village.

The metal boat was transporting fourteen (14) drums of diesel at the time and already had two other persons on board.

The Police statement indicated that about ten minutes into the journey, the boat struck a rock, causing it to take in water.

The occupants jumped overboard and swam to shore, but Kevin Muesa and and the other man known as “Alvin” remained on a rock in the middle of the Cuyuni River. They were heard shouting for help, but eventually stopped. It is suspected that they drowned.

A massive search by the joint services has been launched in the area.

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