Mahdia Dorm Fire Commission of Inquiry to begin public hearings on Friday

Mahdia Dorm Fire Commission of Inquiry to begin public hearings on Friday

The Mahdia Dorm Fire Commission of Inquiry will commence public hearings on Friday.

The hearings will take place at the Commission’s Middle Street Secretariat, and will run for approximately one month. Three witnesses are expected to take the stand on Friday.

 However, despite a previous commitment to have the hearings streamed live for public viewing, the Secretary to the Commission Javed Shaddick today announced that there will be no live streaming.

“For the protection of the persons and caution, we have decided that the hearings will not be aired live, however, it will be conducted in the presence of the press and there will be making their reports to the public,” Shaddick explained.

According to the Secretary, 15 persons are expected to testify before the Commission in the coming days, including first responders.

Government Ministers, Ministry officials, eyewitnesses as well as survivors are also expected to appear before the Commission.

“Those (survivors) would be minor children and the Commissioners would take special care in how these treat those witnesses,” Shaddick said.

Shaddick said the Commission has not taken a decision on whether or not it will call on the 15-year-old girl, who has been charged in connection with the deaths of the 20 children, to testify before the Commission.

Attorney-at-Law Dexter Todd, who is representing the 15-year-old accused, recently called on the Commission to halt its work until the completion of the Court case.

His request was denied.

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