Water St. businessman suspected in Biker’s murder

Water St. businessman suspected in Biker’s murder

A businessman who operates in the Water Street area has emerged as a person of interest in the shooting death of Biker Kirk Davis. Police investigators believe that the young biker may have been gunned down in front of his home during an argument with the businessman over the businessman’s wife.

Reports state that the businessman had accused the biker of having a relationship with his wife and decided to visit the young man’s home in the company of his wife and a sister-in-law to get to the bottom of the story.

News Source understands that the businessman may not have realized that at the time of the visit, Davis had a friend over at his house and who may have witnessed the entire incident.

According to reports, after the businessman pulled up outside the Eccles home, Davis went down to meet with him and the two women in the car. An argument reportedly began between the four persons as the wife denied having an affair with the young biker.

Sources said that during the argument in the car, “shots rang out” and the biker was seen running out of the car clutching to his chest. It is reported that he stumbled and fell and the business man stood over him and continued to fire shots into his chest.

Sources explained to News Source that it was at that moment that the businessman realized that someone else was in the house looking at the entire incident and he reportedly fired a number of other shots. The young man who was in the house escaped after witnessing the murder.

During the shoot out in the car, the businessman’s sister-in-law was shot to the arm and she was taken to a private hospital as the biker’s body remained motionless on the ground.

The woman was admitted to the private hospital but Police investigators moved in to question her and she reportedly told them that she was shot in another area during a robbery attempt, though she admitted knowing the dead biker.

The investigators are reportedly not buying that story according to sources familiar with the case and intend to question the woman further about the incident today. The businessman is also expected to be picked  up and questioned.

The 30-year-old Kirk Davis was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Hospital after he was rushed there on Tuesday night.

He was reportedly conscious while he was being rushed to the hospital and was talking to the people around him. Hospital sources said it appeared that he received 12 gunshots to his upper body. News Source made a number of attempts to get a comment on the investigations from Crime Chief Seelall Persaud. Calls to his office phone were unanswered.

The investigation continues.



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