GECOM issues warning about unauthorized persons claiming to be GECOM Officers visiting homes

GECOM issues warning about unauthorized persons claiming to be GECOM Officers visiting homes

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) today warned that its officers are not currently involved in any field exercise and therefore citizens on should be careful with providing information to persons who are visiting their homes and claiming that they are attached to the Elections Commission.

In a statement, GECOM said it is in receipt of a report that unknown persons have been visiting homes in the Wismar Registration area in Region # 10, seeking information from residents, under the pretext of being employees of the Elections Commission.

The Commission made clear that it is not engaged in any such exercise and has not engaged or authorized any person or group or organisation to collect information from any person for any reason whatsoever through house-to-house visits or any other methodology.

“GECOM takes this opportunity to state categorically that, as an integral component of the ongoing registration exercise, GECOM Registration Staff and accredited Scrutineers of the Parliamentary Political Parties are required to visit the given residential addresses of applicants for registration only to verify the existence and accuracy of addresses they would have provided. However, those applicants are routinely advised about that legal requirement at the time of the application being prepared,” the Elections Commission stated.

GECOM reminded that its Staff and Scrutineers are required to display their respective identification and accreditation badges throughout all such field exercises.

Accordingly, the Commission cautioned citizens not to recognize any person(s) without GECOM identification as being representatives of this Commission.

“In view of the foregoing, citizens are urged to be extremely cautious and not to provide any information to those persons purporting to be GECOM representatives,” GECOM said.

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