Guyana Fashion Week 2013 billed for October

Guyana Fashion Week 2013 billed for October

It may be months away but Designer Sonia Noel is already gearing up for Guyana Fashion Week 2013. In an interview with News Source, Noel revealed that the event will be hosted this year from October 20th to the 27th and will take on a more international flare.

The event is used to showcase the creativity and style of Guyanese and Caribbean designers and has been embraced by the Private Sector over the past few years.

This year’s event should have some new features including an opening show titled “Cutting Style” which will bring together food and fashion on the stage and catwalk. Sonia Noel explained that as part of that opening show “a designer will be paired with a chef to create food and fashion on the stage”.

Fashion Week 2013 is promising to be a week of non stop activities and events. Workshops, tours, styling sessions and catwalk training are a few of the features to be added as part of the show.

The runway fashion shows are billed for the final weekend and producers and organisers are in talks with a number of international designers and models to convince them to grace the stage of the event.

A number of Guyanese designers have already committed to being part of the event and their names and plans will be released within the coming months.

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