Colin Mack found not guilty of rape and assault charges

Colin Mack found not guilty of rape and assault charges

Well known Georgetown businessman and promoter Colin Mack walked out of the High Court a free man on Monday afternoon after a 12 member jury unanimously found him not guilty on rape, assault and abduction charges.

The jury which was made up of six men and six women took over four hours to come up with their unanimous verdicts on all three of the charges. At one stage, the jury came out to question the judge about the absence of a key witness who they said they believed would have provided additional information they needed. The Judge instructed them that they must pay attention to the evidence that was presented in the court before them.

With that instruction, the jury went back into their deliberations and came back with their verdict less than an hour later.

Mack quietly left the courtroom as the Judge told him that he would not want to add anything now that the trial is over. The businessman reached across to relatives in the courtroom and hugged them before quietly but quickly leaving the courthouse.

His accuser used sunglasses to cover her teary eyes as she walked out of the courthouse after the verdict. Members of the prosecution appeared shocked and dumbfounded by the jury’s decision. But they too left the courthouse quietly.

Mack was represented by Attorney Peter Hugh. Although he did not call any witness, he spoke for over three-hour to the jury in an unsworn statement from the docks.

The case dates back to 2009 when the accuser who was 19-years-old at the time filed a complaint claiming that she was raped and held against her will at the man’s South Georgetown home. She told the jury that she was forced to jump through a window of the house to escape after calling a taxi.

She also claimed that Mack had called over another woman who sexually assaulted her before he had sex with her. That woman never appeared in court to offer any evidence in the case.

Mack always maintained his innocence in the matter.

Filed: 2nd February, 2015

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