Luncheon’s “right hand” charged for stealing

Luncheon’s “right hand” charged for stealing

The Personal Assistant to Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon, appeared in court on Wednesday charged with stealing over $1Million from his landlord.

According to the Prosecution’s case, the young man Azeem Khan, lived in a two storey building owned by the complainant. The building in Kitty, Georgetown, houses the apartment where Khan lived and a shop.

The complainant reportedly noticed money and other items going missing from business after it was closed. There were usually no signs of forced entry. However, there is a door separating the apartment where Khan lived and the shop.

The landlord decided to install hidden cameras in his business place and left $1 Million behind after a day’s work. When the man returned to the business place the following day, the money was missing. He decided to review the video recording and it is alleged that Khan was captured on the recording gaining entry in the shop through the adjoining door and removing the money.

The video recording was taken to the police and Khan was arrested. He has been placed on $100,000 bail.

Khan has been working at the Office of the President as the right hand to the Cabinet Secretary for a number of years. He previously worked at the Government Information Agency and a number of Government Ministries.

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