Prime Minister Phillips urges nation to remain calm

Prime Minister Phillips urges nation to remain calm

Prime Minister Mark Phillips, who is performing the duties of President, is urging the nation to remain calm and rational.

The Prime Minister’s request comes in wake of messages being shared among the communities close to the Venezuela border regarding the planned Venezuelan referendum and the country’s ongoing claims of Guyana’s Essequibo region.

The Prime Minister said the recent messages that were shared in the communities have raised concerns regarding the safety and security of our nation, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming referendum concerning the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy.

He said the messages can potentially spread unnecessary fear and anxiety among citizens.

“I wish to emphasise the importance of relying on official sources for national security and public safety information. We are working tirelessly to ensure that the interests of every Guyanese citizen are safeguarded, and we encourage everyone to remain calm and rational during this period”, the Prime Minister noted.

He said the Government of Guyana appreciates the vigilance and concerns of its citizens, but urges all Guyanese to remain composed and informed through the official channels.

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