TUCville Mother and Son remanded to jail for murder

TUCville Mother and Son remanded to jail for murder

Three days after 36-year-old Amaiziah Hohenkirk was stabbed to death during a row over a damaged speaker box, a Tucville woman and her son have been charged for the man’s murder and remanded to prison.

42-year-old Alicia Edmonson, and her 22-year-old son, Malachi Kennedy appeared in Court today to face the indictable murder charge.

Appearing at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, the two were not required to enter a plea to the indictable charge.

The Court was told that last Thursday night, the woman and her son had an argument with the man, who was known to them, over damages that were done to a speaker that belonged to the woman’s son.

The next morning, the argument was reignited at the woman’s house over the same damaged speaker. During the row between the woman, her son and the man, Amaiziah Hohenkirk, it is alleged that she armed herself with a knife and stabbed the man to his abdomen, as well as to his wrists.

He was rushed to the Georgetown Hospital by a friend and passed away while being treated for the stab wounds.

The woman and her son were later arrested and charged. They will make their next Court appearance in May for the continuation of the case.

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