Man from Guyana busted at JFK with 18lbs cocaine in rum

Man from Guyana busted at JFK with 18lbs cocaine in rum

A man who travelled from Guyana to the United States last Monday has been placed on US$75,000 bail after he was busted and charged with trafficking just over 18 pounds of cocaine into the United States.

The man has been identified as Wilton Sinclair. According to court documents obtained by News Source, Sinclair arrived at New York’s JFK Airport on a Caribbean Airlines flight on Monday November 17, 2014 with shopping bags that contained four bottles of rum.

He was pulled over and when officials checked the weight of the four bottles, they were surprised that each bottle weighed just over four pounds. When the officers at JFK inspected the bottles, they found that they contained a thick syrup-like substance and upon testing it, the substance was found to be cocaine.

Sinclair decided to talk with the investigators without an Attorney being present and he told them that he was paid US$6,000 to take the bottles of cocaine from Guyana to the United States.

The court documents did not offer any of the other details about his conversation with the investigators. He appeared in court the day after being arrested and was granted bail in the sum of US$75,000. He remains in detention.

25th November, 2014


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