PNC Reform General Council Meeting to set stage for uniting party ahead of next General Elections -says General Secretary

PNC Reform General Council Meeting to set stage for uniting party ahead of next General Elections -says General Secretary

The People’s National Congress Reform’s General Council Meeting opens tomorrow at the party’s Congress Place headquarters, with with major focus to be paid to uniting the party ahead of the 2025 General Elections, according party General Secretary, Dawn Hastings-Williams.

 Speaking with News Source today, the General Secretary said the General Council Meeting, which wraps up on Sunday, will be held under the theme “Moving Forward as a Disciplined and Unified Party.”

“As the leadership of the party, it is our duty and it is our mandate to ensure that the members are united, instead of divided. Because united we stand, divided we will fall. We have to unite to be stronger. Together, we are stronger. We are stronger today. And we thought it best as the leadership to ask the membership of the party to unite, to stand together, so that we can become a stronger party,” Hastings-Williams said.

Leader of the PNCR, Aubrey Norton will join other party officials including Members of Parliament, Central Executive Members, Regional Officials as well as officials from the party’s Women and Youth structure at Congress Place to hammer out a number of issues including the party’s Biennial Delegates Congress and Elections.

Party members have been agitating for the General Council to be held, in order for the party to kickstart preparations for the Congress.

But Hastings-Williams said while discussions on the Congress will likely be held, she could not indicate whether a date or specific timeframe would be set.

“In our last Central Executive Meeting, the leader did say we will have a Congress sometime next year but I cannot pronounce, and he could not pronounce on a date, because of course, the Council and the CEC is not a one man show, he cannot pronounce on a date all by himself. It has to be coming out from the CEC, and the General Council. So, yes, we will have discussions on the Congress, the membership will want to know, they will ask that question I am sure, when are we going to have our Congress because, according to the Constitution, it is held every two years,” the General Secretary said.

Congress was last held in December 2021.

Meanwhile, during the General Council Meeting, the local leadership as well as members from the diaspora, who are expected to be present, will hear from the Leader and the General Secretary.

Reports from the regional branches will also be submitted.

It is expected that the General Council will discuss a number of national issues confronting the people of Guyana including the Border Controversy between Guyana and Venezuela, and Venezuela’s planned referendum.

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