Venezuela cannot consider itself a good neighbour with latest claim -Rodrigues-Birkett

Former Guyanese Foreign Minister CarolynRodrigues – Birkett has attacked the Venezuelan government over its attempt to enforce a new claim over Guyana’s coastal waters where US oil giant – Exxon Mobil – recently announced what could be the most significant oil find in this part of the world.In a facebook post late Monday, Birkett regarded this […]

Government to examine adequate presence on parliamentary committees

With 26 of its Members of Parliament serving as government ministers, the David Granger administration could face a stumbling block in the new parliament with adequate representation on the Sectoral Committees and the Public Accounts Committee of the 11th Parliament. Government Ministers usually do not serve on the committees. That would leave the new government with […]

Bartica Police officers complain to junior Social Protection Minister about working conditions

Police Officers attached to the Bartica Police Station have complained about their working conditions to the Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Simona Broomes, about their working and living conditions at the station and they are hoping for her assistance. According to a statement from the Government Information Agency, the officers complained of having […]

Three government ministers are technocrats as APNU+AFC submits final list for parliament

Three of the Ministers in the new APNU+AFC administration are technocrat Ministers and therefore will have no voting rights in the new parliament. The technocrat Ministers are Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs Sydney Allicock, Citizenship Minister Winston Felix and Minister within the Ministry of Communities Keith Scott. “These technocrat Ministers are persons appointed by the […]

PPP stands firm in defense of Guyana’s sovereignty -Rohee

Guyana’s main opposition party, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic which up to a few weeks ago formed the government, is making it clear that its position of standing firmly against any aggression from Venezuela has not changed. PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee who once served as Guyana’s Foreign Minister told a Monday morning press conference at […]

Guyana dismisses Venezuela’s illegal decree extending its maritime border

Guyana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday issued a statement denouncing the Presidential Decree by Venezuela’s Nicolas Muduro in which he is attempting to extend Venezuela’s maritime zone into waters that belong to Guyana. The extension covers an area in Guyana’s Stabroek Block where U.S oil Company – ExxonMobil – announced recently that it has encountered […]

Passengers left stranded as Guyana puts hold on operations of Venezuelan flag carrier

Over 40 Venezuelan passengers have been left stranded in Guyana following a decision by the Guyana government not to allow Venezuelan state-owned airline, Conviasa Airlines to land in the country over the non-payment of its bond. But the decision of the Guyana government may also be linked to the recent decree issued by the Venezuelan President, claiming […]

Venezuela lays claim to Guyana’s oil rich waters

Venezuela is making new claims to this Guyana’s territorial waters which include the Stabroek Block where US oil company, ExxonMobil  recently announced it had found significant deposits of oil and is pushing ahead with its exploration activity. Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on May 27, 2015 issued a decree, extending Venezuela’s claim to Guyana’s territorial waters. […]