President urges Guyanese in Canada to invest in homeland

President urges Guyanese in Canada to invest in homeland

Declaring that transformation is not about a nice building or a new road, President Irfaan Ali told a gathering of Guyanese in Canada on Saturday that he firmly believes that prosperity can only come to the country if it is united.

He explained that with its existing challenges, Guyana cannot afford to be divided, even as he acknowledge that some of the issues which divide the country are historical ones.

“For a matter of fact, there is no other way, there is no other way in which we can realize our full potential of our country, in which we can achieve the true potential of our country if we see ourselves different from each other, or if we see barriers—weather real or artificial as impediment to development and advancement of the people of our country and of country as a whole,” the President said.

The President said the citizens are obligated to present what Guyana offers to the world, explaining that the country’s prosperity must not lead to arrogance since the country is now part of a new global system trying to establish its credentials.

He said Guyana’s trajectory now requires a different level of thinking and that thinking must be heavily on come together as a people.

“In all three of the crisis that the world face—energy, climate and food, in the most humbling way, I say to you that there will be no conversation on these three crisis without Guyana being mentioned as part of the solution,” the President noted.

The President said regardless of how rich the country becomes, it cannot achieve true prosperity if some citizens do not change course, referring to a shift in mindset.

In a direct reference to several Opposition supporters at the meeting, the President said their skills too are needed to build Guyana.

“We must seek to harness the full potential of talent that exists in our country, and place those talent towards the path of development,” the President nothing.

Mr. Ali has also urged Canadians living in Guyana to build and invest in their country even if they are not physically there.

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