New Government discovers empty PetroCaribe Fund as rice farmers look for payments

Minister of State Joseph Harmon in a shocking revelation on Thursday announced that the PetroCaribe fund, which the new APNU+AFC coalition government inherited from the previous People’s Progressive Party Civic administration, was bankrupt. The revelation means that the new government, which will not be ready with a national budget until September, has to find a […]

President opens 11th Parliament and declares “We are the National Assembly not a political party rally”

President David Granger returned to the National Assembly today in his new role as Executive President to open the 11th Parliament and immediately extended a hand to the opposition People’s Progressive Party to take up its seats in the National Assembly and work along with his government in the interest of all the people of […]

Venezuela’s decree is baseless and shameless; It is time to end this cycle – Foreign Minister tells Parliament

Guyana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, has described as “baseless and shameless” the recent decree by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claiming Guyana’s territory as its own. During an address to the new parliament, Greenidge said the decree by Maduro cannot be seen as an act of sovereignty since it flies in the face of […]

Venezuela wants to sit and talk; says Guyana is creating artificial crisis

The Venezuela government says it categorically rejects statements from the new Government of the Guyana about the Venezuelan President’s latest decree and the neighbouring country believes the statements coming out of Guyana “constitutes a provocation and threatens the Bolivarian peace diplomacy.” “It is unacceptable that the new Government of Guyana assume this position with a territory […]

Venezuela cannot consider itself a good neighbour with latest claim -Rodrigues-Birkett

Former Guyanese Foreign Minister CarolynRodrigues – Birkett has attacked the Venezuelan government over its attempt to enforce a new claim over Guyana’s coastal waters where US oil giant – Exxon Mobil – recently announced what could be the most significant oil find in this part of the world.In a facebook post late Monday, Birkett regarded this […]