Corentyne man who stabbed ex-lover to death arrested by Police

The Corentyne man who on Monday stabbed his ex-lover to death in a shop at Ulverston, has been arrested by Police. He was arrested in the backlands of Lesbeholden, Corentyne, where he had been hiding out since committing the gruesome act.  The Police carried out an early morning operation today and arrested the man. He […]

Dataram gets additional 4 year sentence after pleading guilty to passport forgery, defeating administration of Law and illegal departure; -Reputed wife remanded

Convicted drug dealer, Barry Dataram, who has started to serve a 5 year jail sentence for cocaine possession, was back in court on Tuesday afternoon and was handed additional time in jail after pleading guilty to three additional charges in relation to his illegal departure from Guyana during his cocaine trial. Dressed in a khaki […]

Woman stabbed to death by ex-lover in Corentyne shop

Police in the Berbice area are on the hunt for a Corentyne man who stabbed his ex-lover to death in a village shop at Ulverston, Corentyne, right in front of the shop-keeper. The murdered woman has been identified as 38-year-old Yansen Brusche. Reports from the area indicate that the woman, who worked at a school […]

Suriname hands over Dataram and wife to local Law Enforcement

The man who went on national tv to declare that he was indeed a drug lord during his cocaine possession court case, was handed over to Guyanese law enforcement on Saturday at Moleson Creek, Corentyne along with his wife, after being on the run for three weeks. Drug convict and self-confessed drug lord, Barry Dataram […]

Barry Dataram and reputed wife caught in Suriname

Convicted and self-confessed drug lord, Barry Dataram and his reputed wife, Anjanie Boodnarine have been arrested in neighbouring Suriname, three weeks after they went on the run from local law enforcement. Surinamese Police on Friday informed local police and the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit that they had nabbed the two hiding out in a house […]